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Oxford is a wonderful city in which to live, and If you have the good fortune to call yourself a resident you are probably here because you value its incredible mix of people and cultures. However, whether local or visitor, your own personal network of friends and colleagues can only touch a small proportion of the fascinating people who call this place home.

We set up this podcast to seek out some of the individuals that we find interesting and explore their lives and stories. They are not all celebrated or well-known, but what they do and what they think add another dimension to the familiar narrative of town, gown and tourism. Hopefully you will find it an insight and an introduction to interesting and unfamiliar parts of our community.

So, relax and select someone from the cast below and get to know a bit more about a particular Oxford life.


As a compliment to our podcast we have produced a self-guided tour where we look at Oxford’s links to fantasy literature and the many writers who have lived and worked here. So if you find yourself in Oxford prepare to be whisked away to other worlds full of Hobbits, Orcs and parallel universes!

Literary Legends and Landmarks: A fantasy fiction tour of Oxford


If you have any comments or any suggestions for people to interview, please contact us at:

Oct 14, 2020

Tim Wraith is Corporate Partnerships Manager for Sobell House. But he’s more than that. Much more. Tim is a true force for good in our community, uniting individuals and organisations in the common cause of kindness. Here Tim talks about the vital role Sobell plays in the lives of so many in our city. He also talks...

Oct 4, 2020

In this latest edition of Oxford Lives we welcome back author and comedian, Richard O Smith. Richard is here to talk about three new projects he’s been involved in, each with a distinctly Oxford flavour: The Best Ladled Pans of Rice and Penne- “62 Snapshots of Oxford Life”;  Oxford Z-A, in collaboration with...

Sep 9, 2020

In 1971, Chris Heap moved from the riot-torn streets of Derry to the tranquillity of Oxford. Here he talks about growing up in a city dominated by the car industry and dwells at length on the glory days of East Oxford, from Irish social clubs to Silvester's hardware store. He also reflects on his time working for...

Jul 24, 2020

Today we talk to Jane Cranston, Chair of Oxford Homeless Movement. Homelessness has been a growing problem in Oxfordshire over recent years, due to a variety of factors, many of which Jane outlines here.  Jane destroys many of the misconceptions we might have about what it means to be homeless and how people fall into...

Jun 9, 2020

Today’s guest is a familiar sight for regular visitors to the centre of Oxford. His name is Alasdair de Voil, but you will probably know him as The Mad Hatter. Here, Alasdair talks about his lively character-based tours and his relationship with our great city. We also discuss his political career as a candidate for...